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kinda disappointing that you can't see her nips. Also, would have liked to see Dog cum at the end. Otherwise, nice voicing, smooth animation, and great colouring. keep it up, would like to see more.

Wouldn't be able to say what I think. There's nothing there. I tried looking at it on furaffinity as well, but it's doing the same there. I tried clicking on the image, nothing. Tried letting it sit for a while, nothing. Is it just my hardware, software, or what?

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Don't know what to tell you there, here's a gif version https://www.sofurry.com/view/1256254

So wait, is this short ADVOCATING pedophelia?

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All I can say is, trippy as balls man. Great work, love the message, and the way it gets across.

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My only beef with the demo is that your movement feels kinda slippery, and the buzzsaw attack moves to slowly. Also, having a VERY temporary sprint ability, would make traversal a lot easier. I understand that the slow movement makes it more exciting when your fighting monsters, but I hate that I kill them all and then I have to slowly walk over to the locked gate. I feel like someone should be following me with a tuba. Also, I think that the opening of the locked gates should have an animation for it. I get that more than likely, (99.99% likely) it will, but just in case it didn't come to mind, (in that 0.01% chance) I just thought I would mention it.

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kreig13 responds:

hey there. thanks for playing. yes, there will be a ton of animations including the doors. and that door design is placeholder anyway. keep in mind that it's a demo. also, try casting the buzz-lightsaw spell close range and on a clump of enemies. you will see it's damage potential.

I love games that are pretty much a "Bust a Move" clone, but the ricochet physics are at some points terrible.

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Really good, smooth animation, great colouring. But, not a fan of not having a nose, nor do I personally care for inverted nips. Not too sure why I see that in a lot of GIFs, flash loops, and other art lately.

To answer your question Rouge,...... YES PLEASE!!!

It's pretty good, I like the art style, colouring, and shading/tinting, but her forehead looks a little off from the original character art by SEGA.

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Biffalo responds:

Thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it.

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