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I need this in my life.

Is it bad that I wanna put my wiener in that?

Love it! The only thing I would change is if she had an evil smile while starring into the camera.

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All I can say is, trippy as balls man. Great work, love the message, and the way it gets across.

My only beef with the demo is that your movement feels kinda slippery, and the buzzsaw attack moves to slowly. Also, having a VERY temporary sprint ability, would make traversal a lot easier. I understand that the slow movement makes it more exciting when your fighting monsters, but I hate that I kill them all and then I have to slowly walk over to the locked gate. I feel like someone should be following me with a tuba. Also, I think that the opening of the locked gates should have an animation for it. I get that more than likely, (99.99% likely) it will, but just in case it didn't come to mind, (in that 0.01% chance) I just thought I would mention it.

vipervgames responds:

hey there. thanks for playing. yes, there will be a ton of animations including the doors. and that door design is placeholder anyway. keep in mind that it's a demo. also, try casting the buzz-lightsaw spell close range and on a clump of enemies. you will see it's damage potential.

I loved it, but I think that there should be more levels, more opponents, and you should work on fixing that problem where every time the mouse leaves the screen, you loose track of your "lovesaber".

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Hmm... several thoughts occur. But since this is an "E rated" art piece, best to just keep them to myself...

That's kind of cool.
It may be bias of me to say, but I just always thought that anthro snake were kind of awesome.
Not to mention how talented the artist is.

I think she's really cute.

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